Daily Create Week #4

Daily Create / Sunday, September 24th, 2017

Here are the Daily Creates that I made for week #4… Enjoy! 🙂

#tdc2082 Heart-breakingly beautiful

Photograph something commonly considered ugly and make it heart-breakingly beautiful.

Up close and personal with the beautifully ugly cow <3

#tdc2076 It’s International Dot Day…Again!

Today, make yourself an artistic dot or circle. Decorate it, or not, as you please. Share it out in the world, as part of the message from artist Peter Reynolds that we have our own individual creative spirit and muse whom we need to follow, no matter what the world says. If that isn’t the philosophy of the Daily Create, what is? Make your mark today.


#tdc2079 Paperback Paradise

Search the web for an old paperback cover and use that as starting point to edit your own new cover – remix!

“Maybe he can’t see me if I look away. “

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